#IdesofTrump Report

Alison Tibbals

On March 15, 2017, people gathered around the United States to write postcards to the 45th President of the United States, El Caudillo Analfabetico, SCROTUS and let him know what they thought of his first few miserable days in the current position. Ides of Trump it was called, and at the Swinging Angeline, the Greyhound Station (aka: the home of Melissa Tibbals-Gribbin and Alison Tibbals) they were decked out with ALL KINDS of postcards, pens, snacks and background music.

I would write at least two postcards and entrusted them to Alison for the ceremonial mailing, but the REAL poet of the day was Bill Yake, who authorized my request to publish HIS contributions to the latest protest against the illegitimate caudillo:

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World Poetry

Any self-respecting World Poetry Day would not be complete without poetry from around the world, so in the second hour, I read from Poems for the Millennium: Russia’s Anna Akhmatova (from “Poem Without a Hero”), Japan’s Töge Sankichi (from “Poems of the Atomic Bomb”) and Fluxus, South Carolina, Paris poet Emmett Williams (from “The Red Chair: (For Three Voices))” and “The Ultimate Poem.” Thanks to Tutta Bella for making this happen.

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SO, World Poetry Day is under way and my 8am lecture is in the bag. We had an inspired participant who took on the task of writing a Cinquain, a five line poem with a syllable structure of 2,4,6,8,2. I told her I was going to quit because her poem was so good and better than the Cinquains I came up with. Nevertheless, we are enjoying Tutta Bella coffee and the company of people coming in to celebrate World Poetry Day. Her poem:

Don’t rush
in the morning.
We need time to savor
the early tendrils as the day

 I’m at Caffé Umbria/Tutta Bella, 4918 Rainier Avenue S, in Seattle until at least 2:15.


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