Cascadia Poetics LAB


Talk, Friday, November 11, 7:30P at SPLAB

Workshop, Saturday, November 12, 1-4P @ SPLAB

Reading Saturday, Nov 12 at 7:30P @ SPLAB

Brenda Hillman                                                  I have produced my last SPLAB Presents for KBCS and you can hear the unedited version here: SPLAB_20111107_Brenda_Hillman. (Audio courtesy of KCRW’s Bookworm program.) The station told me no single poet could be on for more than 2 minutes, and I really did not want to limit the segments to soundbites, so I resigned this past week. I’ll still post audio here and on the SPLAB website, but if the last bastion of community radio can’t give more than two minutes to a poet, radio is fucked up beyond repair, or until the airwaves are really public again. Don’t get me started. I also resigned my Friday Morning Blend shift as well. The people who run KBCS are good people. It’s a shame there are not more stations like them, like maybe one that could have a little on-air ghetto for poetry.

Across Categories: The Personal-Political- Innovative-Eco-Expressive Poem (November 12, 2011 Brenda Hillman SPLAB Workshop, 1P) Participants will be asked to bring fresh writings for discussion (work that has not been previously “workshopped”) and a question they’d like to ask; these should be poetic pieces in any form having to do with the overlap between emotional, environmental and social concerns. More details here.  Suggested workshop donation $75. For the reading $10 suggested donation 7:30 Saturday, November 12.

This event made possible with support from 4Culture and Poets & Writers.

Brenda Hillman will give a talk at SPLAB at on Friday, November 11 at 7:30, on Innovation and Activism in Poetry. Proceeds will benefit 91.3, KBCS.FM.

To register, send an email to or call 206.422.5002. You can paypal $75 to