More New American Sentences

March 2, 2012

Two months of the last year of the Mayan Calendar are toast like some human sacrifice down into a volcano and all I have to show for it is a few more measly 17 syllable poems.

Here are some recent ones:

Pina Bausch

2.19.12 – Keeps dropping her she keeps popping into his arms (no veal slippers). (After Pina)
2.20.12 – Only ornament on the bare branches of February trees – crows.
2.25.12 – Hey Pocky Way, either: “You can’t believe that”or “Kill the guy over there.”
2.26.12 – For a week now our car music non-stop: All Ella, all the time.
2.29.12 – When the rain starts changing to snow the hummingbird vacates the treetop.
2.29.12 – Love for Sale On Green Dolphin Street but who wants to get with a dolphin?

The highlights from 2012 are linked here:


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