397. to Tony Iovino, Rockville Centre, NY – Ghost Prod

September 5, 2012

5th in this year’s series, #397 overall (damn!) this one (like the others so far this year) vamps off Nate Mackey and goes into Runic lore. I have been using Diana L. Paxon’s book Taking Up The Runes for my daily Rune divination interpretation the last couple of months and got Uruz a couple of times in the last week, once reversed, once (today) upright. A good sign. As a Metal Ox in Chinese astrology, I am fascinated by this image. The image of the Ox. (Other cultures use cattle, water buffalo, &c.) Here tis, from 8.2.12:

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  1. awritersalchemy

    These are amazing, Paul. Thanks for posting them for us.


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