The Four Hoarse Men Saturday 12.14.13

December 10, 2013

From Anne Sweet:



Hey Friends – It’s almost time for the big Equinox Studios art bash and block party! You are all invited to 6555 5th Ave. S. in West Georgetown on Saturday, December 14, 6-10pm … See our gorgeous card (there to your left) with all the details! You are also invited to poetry at 7pm (same date and place), featuring the Four Hoarse Men on the Forklift Stage … Not to be missed!! Cheers and we hope to see you there!
The Four Hoarse Men are a Seattle-based sound poetry troupe re-staging the work of the Four Horsemen, Jackson Mac Low, Michael McClure’s Ghost Tantras and their own work such as the Personal Universe poem and divination through (runic) Galdr Songs. The forensic flavor of the Four Hoarse Men represent a sonic, aural, and oral forage into the underworld, the homes of frantic nannies, and the cerebral rental rooms where play takes place. Members include Joe “I can’t remember how I got here” Chiveney, Jason (Ai Yi Yi Yi WOOO!) Conger and Paul (Grahhhhhr) Nelson. With their eyes they probe the two door garages of the living. With lungs, they relate the pleas of the recently dead. Using teeth, they rummage among the remains of rodents for refuse to produce poems. Please locate your internal sound poetry hymnal and welcome the Four   Hoarse   Men. 


    • Splabman

      The Greg Bem Memorial Fork Lift Stage

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