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ATJ 65-68

I love this notion of pre-bedtime suggestions. I have been doing that the last few months, or more based on the latest poems to be posted here from the ongoing series After The Japanese.  I have been posting the poems … Continue reading

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50 Days til Postcards

I am starting to get emails about the August Poetry Postcard Fest. Questions like: 1) Is the fest on this year? (Yes). 2) Can you sign me up now? (No). 3) What are the main changes this year? (This year … Continue reading

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Wildcrafting Seward Park

You think of the term “gardener” and something mild is evoked, perhaps an older person, but use the term “wildcrafter” and something subversive is suggested, perhaps with links to paganism. Yet there we were, one recent rainy Thursday in Seward … Continue reading

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