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513. Summer Desk Avalanche

The latest poem from the 2015 August Poetry Postcard Fest. (See other poems here.) A Georgia O’Keeffe card and great epigraph from Joanne Kyger, the composition of which affected the content. (Wait til the ink dries!)

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Notes for Personal Myth and Genius Loci

(Workshop given at Tacoma Poetry Festival, Saturday, October 17, 2015) Personal Myth, Place, Genius Loci – Paul Nelson What is the myth you are living? Your Personal Mythology, relationship to place and to the spirit of the place in which … Continue reading

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Divorce and Yoga Windows

After 1,909 days of marriage to Meredith A. (Sedlachek) Nelson, our union ended with a whimper in the King County Courthouse on Thursday (Oct 15, 2015) followed by a Cajun Meal at Marcela’s Creole Cookery in Pioneer Square with Gumbo, Muffaletta and … Continue reading

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