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So much happening. The new abnormal is near! Anarchist librarian poet Greg Bem has organized yet another of his creative, interdisciplinary events and this one is IN PUBLIC! He is apparently not tired of my work, as he has invited me and I have accepted. Details:

View.Point. is a multi-disciplinary performance event occurring [4-6pm] on Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 at the Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint, a small, urban park overlooking many areas of Seattle, the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains.

View.Point. will feature four performing artists: Khiang Hei, Jim O’Halloran, Paul Nelson, and Justine Chan.

More information about the event and a streaming link with will be posted here.

I will be reading from the latest series of mine, FLEXIBLE MIND and I will be accompanied by the master flute of Jim O’Halloran, my Subud brother who has ALSO returned to live performance. See HIS SITE HERE.

* * *

I was interviewed for the new and entertaining podcast of Hamish Todd. He was the emcee the very first night I ever read poetry in public and he still talks to me! I will never forget his friendliness, the Ditto Tavern and of course the legendary Red Sky Poetry Theater, but I am trying hard to forget the poem I read that night! Dig the podcast here:

And also see this bit of Seattle literary history Hamish has dug up:

We know you’re busy, and the holiday is coming, but don’t, please ignore this important poetic voice, who has sadly left but joyously left us with some of his words, in his own voice, reading to people as was his want.  We can see our listenership has dropped by almost half from the first three episodes.  Not the first one, but three.  And the quality has only been getting better. So, please take a few minutes out of your busy day or listen in the evening when the kids are in bed.  Sincerely, H. Todd, Publisher, NW Poetry Forum.


* * *

Registration for Year 15 of the Poetry Postcard Fest ends July 18. Register here:

One of my postcards was accepted by an exhibit in Turkey. It is an homage to late Jazz pianist Hassan Ibn Ali.