PoPo (aka August POetry POstcard Fest)

The official page for the August POetry POstcard Fest is now:

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  1. Christine Kendall says:

    I have been participating in August Postcard Poetry for about five years, I think, and today, January 25 I received a postcard poem in the mail from someone who apparently decided to send to everyone on the list. Unfortunately I no longer have the entire list, so have no way of possibly discovering the brave writer from Buffalo, NY who decided to write a card every single day. I’m inspired.

  2. Just got a poem marked #31. Must be about time to start again for 2014. I think. (I’m almost ready.)

  3. daniel smith says:

    Participated last year in 2013 and want to do so again in 2014, but can’t seem to find the sign up yet. I subscribed to the blog but not the FB account. Daniel

  4. How do you subscribe to the August Postcard Poetry Fest?

  5. tanyapoet says:


    Thanks for organizing this poetry postcard fest! It’s really been energizing and organizing my artistic practice. I gave you a shout out on my website to help with spreading the word!



  6. Margarette Wahl says:

    Hi! This is my first time in the poetry Fest. I am enjoying receiving all the unique postcards. I got about 24 so far. Thanks to all who participated and I hope everyone enjoyed mine!

  7. ina says:

    Wow. I’d love to help put together an anthology for 2016. Paul, would you be willing/have time to contact me (email, phone, whatever works) to give me a sense of the kind of thing you were thinking of? – Ina (www.inafelltoearth.com – contact info there)

  8. I love the festival — appreciate very much your work to organize. Did you know that there are many free services for event registration? You can make it possible for ‘attendees’ to access the participant list, which would be the same as the distro list we receive. It would make for little to no work on your part, and so could be free for all. https://www.eventzilla.net/home

  9. Oh Paul, it’s great to write spontaneously for sure! In 2013, a great year. But in 2014, 32 poems developed their own path and brought their own torches, resulting in Spider Lace, Dragonfly Mind, published in December 2014, available on amazon. I say this because it is possible to think consistently and not revise a single line for a whole month, have the disparate souls of poems develop a coherent whole, and find a way into print. Marvelous. I’ll be there this year.

  10. Paul. I went to sign up and pay my ten buck but the link says cannot pay til Jul 4….when the Call opens. It’s not really clear on this page despite the urging to “get in early” that “early means not before July 4 2015.” Thanks for all you do to make this happen.

  11. Diane says:

    Was wondering where the $10 is going, since, given last year’s average participation, might total $2500 or more.

    • Splabman says:


      To offset time spent administering ​the fest, answering questions, overseeing the Facebook page, coordinating with Brown Paper Tickets, &c. Paul

  12. marj norris says:

    Dear Paul, I will not be able to write poems this year at the postcard contest, but I wish you and your fabulous endeavor the best. Write to me next year!

  13. Bridget Nutting says:

    Dear Paul,

    I appreciate your hard work and dedication to the Fest. I look forward to it each year!

    I have several questions/comments:

    1) I think the $10 charge is very reasonable and necessary. As a long time participant, each year the number of truly committed souls on the list has declined – people sign up because they love receiving the postcards, but sometimes their personal commitment doesn’t exist.. However, most people who pay are going to follow through.

    2) I know of two people locally who want to participate, but are leery about the sign-up process. Is it possible to sign them up and pay for them at the same time I sign up?

    3) I often mail postcards throughout the year to others on the list. (I wasn’t able to last year due to health issues.) Is it possible at some point to receive a complete list of participants? I would even be willing to pay.

    Thanks again for all you do!

    Blessings always,


  14. I’m in for 2015. I love the writing experience – the necessity of getting out of your own way and just allowing the words to fall out onto the cards. It is my hope to do a chapbook in 2016 of some of the poems. Thanks for all you do!

  15. Splabman says:

    Bless you Marge. Thanks for your continued participation. We’ll be in the same group this year!!

  16. Paul, thank you for the invitation. This will be year three for me. Thank you Amanda for opening the floodgate by your invitation! First year was somewhat arduous, last year was a wonderful experience culminating in a chapbook, and I am looking forward to this year without expectation but a smile on my face. Thank you for encouraging us worldwide–as John Kennedy said, the world would be a different place if we had more poets, more poetry.

  17. I just signed up. This will be my 2nd time. It does say the tickets will be held at Will Call. In any case, I am looking forward once again. Thanks so much!

  18. mbquilts says:

    I’m a little confused about the direction, “You may start writing poems now.” Shouldn’t we wait until the 27th or so before sending out the first cards so they start arriving in August?

  19. Deb says:

    Silly question-we sign them, yes?

  20. Sandra F. Lucke says:

    Read this person’s question ” Is it possible at some point to receive a complete list of participants? I would even be willing to pay”. Your response was “of course”. That’s an example of why I no longer join the August poetry fest. Brendon emailed me a few years ago, said the entire list of poets and their mailing address was sent because it was easier for him.
    I preferred the list of 31 poets, etc. because privacy has it’s virtues.
    I’ll pay your $10 fee, if you make the lists limited to 31 poets/addresses. Let me know.

  21. I very well could be an idiot, but, after registering, where do I go to find my name on “the list”?

  22. Sidra says:

    Just found out about this awesome fest! I’m always amazed by people’s creativity. I think I understand the process, but am wondering why the differentiation between the “first three” postcards to those below your name and the rest of the list? Thanks!

    • Splabman says:

      Send three to start. Hopefully you’ll be getting some within a few days after that to inspire you on to the other cards you’ll send during the fest. Thanks for your interest in the fest.

  23. Peggy Miller says:

    I’m not cheating! Just anticipating. Maybe the blanks that seem to be for the newsletter are for the actual sign-up — and that’s why it says “cheating,huh?” when I try to get the newsletter? But thanks as ever for running this grand endeavor!
    Peggy Miller

  24. Abhaya Thomas says:

    Am I reading correctly that signup will be opened for 2020 immediately when this year’s signups close on July 18th?

  25. Sandy Sorlie says:

    Mail your postcards in a timely manner, Considering the 4 Sundays when there is no mail service. Sign your name on each post card. Write legibly, Send postcards to everyone on your list,

    • Eugenia Petty says:

      I won’t be able to take part this year (too busy with many projects, including continuing to make postcards from found-poems made during this fest!) but I have not forgotten thee, and hope to return one day!

  26. Mavis Jarrell says:

    I am in group 6. A city is not provided for Ramon Hildreth.

  27. Dear Paul, I registered today and you said to contact you if I haven’t received my list. I haven’t. I don’t know how else to write to you except through this site since the email you sent was a “no reply” from Brown Paper Tickets. Thanks, Linda

    • Splabman says:


      You will either be in Group 13 if we get enough signups tomorrow, or I will add your name to one of the existing groups. Your list will come on Friday, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, aka inshallah. Thanks for signing up!

  28. a. nisa Saiyid says:

    splabman@gmail.com, Dear Paul, I would dearly love to take part this year, but am too late to register, due to hospital treatment and 101 commitments to catch up with. Could you please consider a late entry to the festival which was so inspiring last year, my first year participating. I have received a beautiful first card, so may in fact be on someone’s list although I have not been able to register and have not received a subsequent list. Thank you for considering this. Ns

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