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Police Presuppositions (Poetry in Columbia City)

Georgia McDade has invited me and a few other local poets to read on the subject of police abusing their authority this Sunday. The invite is below. As a person whose brother is a peace officer I have complicated feelings … Continue reading

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Ferguson, Race, Privilege and Life in a Police State

Was inspired by seeing Jarret Middleton’s thoughts about the lack of charges brought against Darren Wilson, the officer in Ferguson, Missouri, who fatally shot Michael Brown, a young black man whose crime was shoplifting. His thoughts came out to nearly … Continue reading

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489. Bandera de la Mariposa

489. Bandera de la Mariposa is a reference to an exhibit at Museo Amparo in Puebla, Mexico that was running during the recent Subud World Congress. A beautiful museum in a restored colonial building, the main exhibit featured the work … Continue reading

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