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Writing Projects

Am preparing for my first featured reading in a while, Tuesday night, October 1 at 7pm at the Duvall Visitors Center, 15619 Main Street, Duvall, WA. (See this site.) I am to read for 25-30 minutes and, rather than structure the whole … Continue reading

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Ghost Tantras (Ceremonies to Change The Nature of Reality)

It was early in 2012 that I finally acted on my interest in sound poetry. I had heard Dada sound poems, Jerome Rothenberg’s recitation of the sound poetry of Hugo Ball, the Canadian group the Four Horsemen and Michael McClure’s … Continue reading

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PageBoy Magazine Release Party 12.1.12 7P Kaleidoscope Vision

Every since being introduced to Ted Berrigan’s “The Sonnets” years and years ago, I was fascinated by the combination of a casual feel combined with a process that, in part, was influenced by Alfred North Whitehead. I LOVED lines like: … Continue reading

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