Allen Ginsberg Interviewed, June 12, 1994

Cosmopolitan Greetings

Cosmopolitan Greetings

I met Allen Ginsberg on June 12, 1994, when we sat down for a chat at the Tacoma Mall Office Building. I think it was Suite 85. Here are some of the excerpts from his answers on that day. The first link in each set is just the audio. The second, posts often featuring text of the interview composed the week before the 12th Ginsberg Marathon (2013).

1. On Bob Dylan

2. The Politics of Self-Responsibility

3. The Velocity of Money (poem)

4. The Anti-Art Right

5. Research (poem)

6. On Whitman

7. Steal This Poem (poem)

8. 1st Thought, Best Thought

9. Trungpa on Kerouac

10. Autumn Leaves (poem)

Allen's inscription of Cosmopolitan Greetings

Allen’s inscription of Cosmopolitan Greetings

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