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Writing Classes for Teachers Evaluations

Writing Class for Teachers
“Organic Poetry”
Presented by Paul Nelson
March 17, 2010

17 attendees

Participant Comments

  1. I could imagine adapting some of the specific exercises; also gained several pithy pointers that could guide my writing.
  2. Yes! I loved all of the writing prompts as a way to get them past surface level writing.
  3. Definitely to my writing practice. It validates my desire to be spontaneous and open with language, which gives me the confidence to validate such spontaneity in my students (esp. when so much about school is “revise, revise, revise.”)
  4. Yes, like the exercises and will use them as springboards into my stalled work.
  5. Thanks, appreciate ideas, actually doing writing and quick affirming comments.
  6. This was amazing. I loved writing with other teachers and being in a class that moved beyond basic craft discussions.
  7. Time flew … what better compliment?
  8. Great fun class – new for me, a fiction writer. Wonderful new ideas to trust the “organic” process.