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Workshop Life As Rehearsal for the Poem

Life As Rehearsal for the Poem (LARFP) Overland to Levertov

Overland to the Islands by Denise Levertov

A five week online (Zoom) workshop for continuing participants in the online workshops facilitated by Cascadia Poetics Lab and Poetry Postcard Fest Co-Founder Paul E Nelson. Participate in reading and discussion of foundational essays, interviews, listening and other assignments, as well as spontaneous poetry composition exercises, in the first of three five week courses. This season we add a component of Spiritual Ecology, which will consist of weekly field work designed to deepen participants connection to place. We will also study Denise Levertov’s Overland to the Islands. (Levertov would have turned 100 October 24, 2023.) How can one’s poetics be a cosmology and maintain some experience of the Poetry Postcard Fest, to allow one’s life as a poet to rise in one’s personal hierarchy of duties/activities? $250 for each five week session per person, scholarships are available. Sunday nights, 4-6pm (Oct 15, 22, 29 & Nov 5 & 12) by invitation only. Max ten participants. Preference given to participants who wish to commit to all three five week sessions in the 2023/2024 season.

Sunday nights, 4-6 PM Pacific Time
Oct 15, 22, 29 & Nov 5 & 12
by invitation only. Zoom link:

COURSE MATERIALS WEEK ONE, Sunday, October 15, 2023, 4-6pm PDT

This year we initiate a couple of new activities.

1) Write a reflection on the week’s materials. What you liked, what you didn’t. Add questions you might have or any thoughts related to what you read, listened to and watched.

2) Do an hour of Spiritual Ecology Field Work. I am studying with Jennifer Wilhoit and this part of this course is modeled after her training.


LISTEN: Chicago: August/September 2023

READ: Overland to the Islands by Denise Levertov (page 1-10 of document)

LISTEN (or READ): The Kidnapped Child Who Became a Poet

READ: First Draft: Poet Laureate Oath of Office, Diane di Prima