LARFP 2 (1Q 2022)

This page is for participants in the Life as Rehearsal for the Poem workshop, Year 2 (2021/2022). (How this got its name, here.) Workshops will happen from 4-6pm Sundays:

January 16, 23, 30 & Feb 6 & 13. Registration is open HERE.

Some material for the break:

A Little History: The Deeply Personal as Political


Can you write a blunt statement such as Kruger’s response to the Pledge of Allegiance “Untitled (Our people),” 1994/2017? Could you write a blunt statement with the opposite tone?








Does your house/writing space have a name? If no, consider naming it. If yes, use it each time during your check-in. We resume meetings January 16, 2022.


Barbara Kruger Endlessly Memeable Blunt Speaking Poem

How did your Autumn 2021 piece go? Have you started a serial poem/saturation job? Can you articulate a goal for your 2022 poetry practice?


Japanese Poetic Diary


Start writing a poem called 2022. You can change the title later in the year, or add a subtitle. This will be a poetic journal of your work. Occasionally there will be exercises assigned that will be part of this journal. Best to open a file, Word, Pages and start there. If you have a subject that interests you, or is in the news, or something you’ve ever wondered about, you can use that as a subject. Extra points if you include history, your place, indigenous history of your place and always luminous details. Feel free to explore past forms/prompts from this class, or look elsewhere on this site for writing prompts, such as Haibun or American Sonnet, or Berrigan Collage Sonnet. It will not be necessary to share work in the class. In the weeks ahead there will be some examples of journal-style poetry. Ping me if you have questions. Come to class ready to discuss materials.