Poetics as Cosmology 2021

Poetics as Cosmology 2021
(Intro to Spontaneous Composition)

A five week Zoom workshop for people who’ve had some experience in spontaneous poetry composition and want to develop that skill. Join Poetry Postcard Fest Co-Founder Paul E Nelson in a lively course designed to start where the poetry postcard fest left off to help you tap into deeper levels of knowing that can begin inform your non-writing life. Some theory to understand the poetics of 20th/21st c approaches to spontaneous composition, some out of class writing exercises, check-ins & discussion. The work of Charles Olson, Denise Levertov, Michael McClure, Wanda Coleman, Nate Mackey, Robin Blaser and others may be discussed along with concepts such as seriality, investigative poetics & how to write more by reducing your reliance on editing.

Courses are offered via Zoom Saturdays in October at 9:30am PDT.
Registration is via PayPal: https://py.pl/baz9r

Questions: splabman@icloud.com
Testimonials: https://paulenelson.com/testimonials/