Names of Thangka Deities or Chinese Dishes

Naropa; The Blue Unmoved Lord of Mysticism; The Thunderbolt of the Wheel of Time; Paragraph Corn Milk; The Avalokiteshvara who Saves from Eight Fears; Avalokiteshvara who Howls Like Lions; Cucumber Mix Bowel; The Consort of the Tantric Deity Who Responds to Prayer; Buddha with 1000 Hands and Eyes; Iraqi Surface; The Goddess of Fixed Light; The Red King of Clan and Goddess of Flaming Light on Green Horse; Salt Baked Chicken Claw; Going up to Brahma by Riding a Crane; Moto Burn Fingers Keel; Demon-Catching Guardian Spirit; Tribe King of Ghoul; Connected to Flesh & Blood; Gon-po: The Incarnated Guardian of Compassion; The Mother of Evils; Meat Package; The Goddess w/ Flaming Wings; The Four-Faced Guardian of the Fierce Look; Sleeve Fish w/ Soy Sauce in Casserole; The Four-Faced Guardian of the Free Mind; Dainty Frog Meat; The Destroyer of Death; Pungent Beef Pizza; The Horse-Head Lotus Deity; Cow Stomach Salad; The Fierce Vajra Who Takes Control of Unclean Places; Crispy Pimp.

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