Pablo Baler Testimonial

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Cal State U at LA, Dec 3, 2013

From: <Baler>, Pablo Baler <> (pdf)

Date: Thursday, December 5, 2013 7:16 AM
To: Tony Barnstone <>
Subject: RE: Job for a Writer at Whittier College–Please Help Spread the Word!
Dear Tony,

I hope this message finds you well.

Your job posting coincided with a visit to one of my classes by poet Paul Nelson (on dec 3) and I thought, paraphrasing Einstein, that coincidences are Tony Barnstone’s way of remaining anonymous.
In any case I’m writing to let you know that I cannot think of a better fit for this position than Paul. I already knew of his intellectual and spiritual generosity but what he did in my 4 hour grad seminar I have not seen before in my life either as a student or a professor: his passion for poetry, his knowledge, his energy, and his capacity to inspire students are a miracle of modern humanities.

Paul will be in town for the next three days before returning to Seattle in case you are interested in setting up a meeting with him.

I wish we would see each other more often but at least I’m glad I can keep up with your projects through your FB postings.

A flock of hugs,