533. Wait for Latté

One of the cards I brought back from my 2014’s trip to Wisconsin that was part of my work in the 2015 August Poetry Postcard Fest. This one with allusions to soul-building with a nod to an old poem from my Auburn days.

533. Wait for Latté

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55. Prince (R.I.P.)



55. Prince

I always thought it was “cuss, fight & bleed”
as the reasons one Prince Rogers Nelson cited
as warnings for parents hoping to raise healthy
children but “breed.” How a Nelson could do this.

Driving a white ’77 Toyota Celica listen
to “XRT & this beat comes on, squeals,
drum beat (a broken tomtom?) & 80s
synthesizer, he only 3 years older
& me a little behind on my own Sexuality
but enough guitar to keep me in it

& maybe it was SNL
this guy’s a Nelson w/ world class
sass making fun of TOURISTS
funky as hell and soon
popular as anyone raining purple
skinny boy just a tuft of chest hair.
“Don’t let your children watch TV
until they learn how to read.
Or else all they’ll know how to do
is cuss, fight and breed..”

Then an unpronounceable symbol
then TMZ breaks the news Dead at 57.
One way to get Facebook friends off
Bernie Sanders for a moment
& I get chills watch the video
of his solo on While My Guitar Gently Weeps
knowing he’s watching too
and the sex never got better.
“We’re all just the same”
watching our feed
dying too young
addicted to velocity.

June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016
11:34am – 4.21.16

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Postcards for Garcia

Garcia & the Wily Splabman after a soak at the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, New Mexico.

Garcia & the Wily Splabman after a soak at the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, New Mexico.

A follow up to the post about my recent trip to Taos, New Mexico. Amalio Madueño is community development specialist and brilliant poet of Yaqui and Tarahumara heritage. I am indebted to Amalio for the thousands of dollars of assistance he’s given to SPLAB and the Cascadia Poetry Festival in terms of pro bono help. This is a large part of why we’ve been able to produce two Cascadia Poetry Festivals, help oversee a third, help publish an anthology of Cascadia poetry (Make It True: Poetry From Cascadia) and envision and create (in partnership with Cascadia College) a Massive Open Online Course on Innovative Cascadia Poetry. Hear my 2015 interview with him here. Today enjoy some postcard poems written in response to my most recent visit to Garcia in Embudo, New Mexico:

Postcards For Garcia 1 Postcards for Garcia 2 POstcards For Garcia 3


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