Reading in Ukiah

I will be heading to extreme Southern Cascadia Thursday, and go out of the bioregion to read in Ukiah, California. I am headed south to meet and interview Mary Norbert Körte, a poet, and former Catholic nun who had a spiritual epiphany attending the 1965 Berkeley Poetry Conference. She ended up studying with Lew Welch and William Everson and being published in the anthology Women of the Beat Generation and with Oyez press.

Here is the reading info:

I am told I can read for 30-50 minutes and that is a rare thing these days. I am grateful to Dan Barth, Theresa Whitehill, Mary Norbert Körte, Sharon Doubiago and Michael Riedell for their efforts regarding my visit.

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Happy 87th Michael McClure

Oct 2010 Mt. Constitution, Orcas Island

I loved hearing Michael McClure and Allen Ginsberg at Naropa in 1976. See:

Allen Ginsberg & Michael McClure – 1976 Naropa “Retrospective” Reading

and thinking that may have been the visit where Michael did his presentation on the Personal Universe Deck. See:

Personal Universe Deck

I can’t today articulate all that Michael McClure has meant to me in my poetry life, in my life. He helped twine the two by suggesting I read Projective Verse and it is a cosmology, a life-way as well as a poetics, something SPLAB was built on and which the SPLAB Board and I will begin to articulate in the next year. For now though, please enjoy this birthday poem written for Michael on his 87th:

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Red Pine (Bill Porter) Interview

Bill Porter in the building that will be a meditation center at Fort Worden

I had the good fortune to visit Bill Porter, the translator of ancient Chinese poetry and sacred texts, and interview him at his Port Townsend home on August 28, 2019.

His latest books at the time were Cathay Revisited & Dancing with the Dead, Stonehouse’s Poems for Zen Monks and A Day in the Life: The Empty Bowl & Diamond Sutras.

We talked about all three books, about his introduction to learning Chinese and Chinese culture, getting introduced to meditation and Zen, about his move to Port Townsend and a few other things on the way.


Bill Porter Interview, Part 1: 28:17

In part one Bill discusses how he was “Victorious Cloud” before he was Red Pine, how he ended up in Port Townsend in 1993, when it was cheap to live there, about how he came to translate the poems Ezra Pound made famous in the book “Cathay,” how he took the name Red Pine and about the historic figure named Red Pine.

Bill Porter Interview, Part 2: 32:41

In part two, he discussed his spirituality and how he likens Taoism to “housebroken shamanism.” He discussed mountain hermits in China, how they are respected in the country and how they have informed his life. He talked about how he got his translation publishing career started, how he planned to meet the daughter and granddaughter of Ezra Pound and so translated Cathay for them and other topics.

Bill Porter Interview, Part 3: 31:36.

In the final part of our August 28, 2019 interview, Bill Porter talked about W.S. Merwin, how Merwin visited Ezra Pound when Pound was incarcerated at St. Elizabeth’s and urged Merwin to begin translating poetry to be a better poet. He discussed how he first came across the poem Howl and how upon hearing Allen Ginsberg reading it (which his friend Mike O’Connor had on a cassette tape) allowed him to appreciate it more. He also discussed “The Empty Bowl & Diamond Sutras” about his footnotes, the concept of “intellectual receptivity” and shanti (to accept and bear.) He said the ultimate truth in Buddhism is that nothing is born. He read from “The Empty Bowl Sutra” – and then discussed a segment of the book that your humble narrator billed as an “antidote to identity politics.” He also discussed the creation of a meditation center in Port Townsend at Fort Worden.

Bill Porter and Your Humble Narrator

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