Over the past decade or so, no one has done more for poetry in the Pacific Northwest than has Paul Nelson.– Sam Hamill

Notes for American Sentences Talk to Haiku Koma Kulshan

Thanks to C.J. Prince and John Green of Haiku Koma Kulshan, I was invited to give a talk about American Sentences on...

American Sentences Talk

The second edition of my book of 17 syllable poems, American Sentences, was published in time for my 60th birthday...

60th Birthday Interview of Paul E Nelson by Greg E Bem

Over the last few years there has been no one more active at reviewing my work and bringing exposure to it than Greg...

Diane Di Prima – American Poetry and the Beat Movement from a Female Perspective

by Paul Nelson | Diane di Prima Reading at SPLAB of "RANT" PART 1

Poetics as Cosmology 2021

(Intro to Spontaneous Composition)

A five week Zoom workshop for people who’ve had some experience in spontaneous poetry composition and want to develop that skill.