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Paul E Nelson

Over the past decade or so, no one has done more for poetry in the Pacific Northwest than has Paul Nelson.– Sam Hamill

DaySong Miracle (Past 62) Profiled on SICA-USA

I was delighted to see the SICA-USA blog post written about my new book DaySong Miracle (Past 62). I knew it was...

Memory’s Vault (book)

I had the good fortune last Sunday (May 19) to be invited to participate in a reading at Memory's Vault to celebrate...

Larry Lawrence at Jack Straw

Writing a blurb for a friend or associate's book is a difficult task. One has to be compelling, has to have some...

Barry McKinnon Interview 2015

by Paul E. Nelson

Barry McKinnon is one of Canada’s most brilliant poets and he honed his art in Prince George, BC, far north of any real cultural centers. He was there in 1969 at the founding of the College of New Caledonia and the “poetry wars” of that town have become the stuff of legend.

Paul E Nelson Interview with Lorna Dee Cervantes

Lorna Dee Cervantes Interview (April on Olympia)

by by Paul E. Nelson