Paul E Nelson September 22 2021

Over the past decade or so, no one has done more for poetry in the Pacific Northwest than has Paul Nelson.– Sam Hamill

Haibun de la Serna World Tour

Now that Haibun de la Serna, my latest book of poems, is out, it is time to launch the HdlS WORLD TOUR to promote it....

Haibun de la Serna Published

I am delighted to announce today that a book I finished ten years ago has just been published by Koon Woon's Goldfish...

Haibun de la Serna: 99 Haibun

by Paul E Nelson Paul Nelson’s Haibun moves with the spirit of Ramón Gómez de la Serna’s greguerías, one of the...

Carletta Carrington Wilson Interview from 2011

by Paul E. Nelson

Carletta Carrington Wilson

A 2011 interview with Seattle poet and fiber artist Carletta Carrington Wilson conducted by Paul E Nelson. They talked about Wilson’s poetry, filled with Garcia Lorca’s notion of duende, what first drew her to poetry (or how poetry called her in elementary school) about how her work reflects her study of slavery and some of her own work which haunts her and which comes from the voice of a person who was enslaved. She calls it the “history of the disappeared.”

Seriality (A 2022 Workshop:

In this workshop we take the methods and the organismic stance toward poetics (& life) and continue to investigate how to deepen one’s own work and life through spontaneous writing, rituals, honing the intuition, exercising the imagination & discovering the joy of seriality.