Over the past decade or so, no one has done more for poetry in the Pacific Northwest than has Paul Nelson.– Sam Hamill

1st Podcast Robert Lashley

I have been asked many times: "Do you have a podcast?" Now, I can say "yes." Via the non-profit I founded in 1993, now...

Paul @ 60 (You Are Invited)

It was 30 years ago when I was rather new at creating public affairs radio interviews, at age 29, when I had Dr. Bill...

Cascadian Zen

What is the nature of the bioregion known as Cascadia? How is this insight expressed by the people who live, work,...

Diane Di Prima – American Poetry and the Beat Movement from a Female Perspective

by Paul Nelson | Diane di Prima Reading at SPLAB of "RANT" PART 1

Poetics as Cosmology 2021

(Intro to Spontaneous Composition)

A five week Zoom workshop for people who’ve had some experience in spontaneous poetry composition and want to develop that skill.