Pig War Residency

January 28, 2012

Jan 28, 2012

Half Stripes, Half Jack

My residency here at the Whiteley Center ends tomorrow, alas. What a tremendous place to think, write &c.

Sure, the photos give you a sense of that (my Pig War research photo album on FB) but I am so pleased with what I did here on Pig War: https://paulenelson.com/pig-war/ This is the continuation of the serial poem that started with A Time Before Slaughter and includes Northwest history.

Thank you Mike Michael Vouri, Kathy Cowell FHL & SICA’s Latifah Taormina and Lorraine Tedrow. Thank you Gerry Jameson and Sam Hamill. Thanks also to Doe Bay resort & retreat for their support of my May writing retreat there.

Grandma's Cove


  1. are are sights

    Good of you to tough it out in the wilderness, taking endurance to limits few could follow. “However does he do it…?” they will all ask in wonder.


    • Splabman

      Not too much wilderness on San Juan Island, especially at the beautiful Whiteley Center. I’d highly recommend a residency there for any writer. The cottage was new, with radiant heat and a full kitchen and modern shower. The atmosphere perfect for writing. I can’t wait to whip out some of the work I was doing there but have a residency on Orcas to deal with first. We miss you at Living Room, Roy.


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