Cascadia Poetics LAB


OK, more harvesting done today and some news. Pablo Baler in his fascinating project The Next Thing: art in the 21st Century has a great end note to the word Greguería. It reads:

1. Greguería is defined by its most notorious practitioner Ramón Gómez de la Serna as “humor plus metaphor”. These aphorisms had a significant influence on European and Latin American avant-garde sensibility. This genre resurfaces later, probably inspired by William Carlos Williams’ typewriter length verses, in the American Sentences of Allen Ginsberg defined as a haiku-length poem of 17 syllables, most recently vindicated and exhaustively practiced by the poet Paul Nelson; and mostly unsuccessfully tried today with the 140 characters miss-typed by the masses of Twittnicks.

The Next Thing

Go Pablo!

Anyway, my own shouts out to: Sam Hamill, Eileen Myles, Willie Fitzgerald, my Subud brothers and sisters, Keith Jarrett, Alice Derry, PCC shoppers, Prius drivers, Phil Humber, baby Ella and, as always, the Wily Almondina. Again I have err’d on the side of putting too many sentences here. I may remove a few next update, but please (as always) feel free to comment. It’s 4,135 days and counting that I have written a daily American Sentence. Thanks Allen. All 2012 sentences published here:

3.2.12 – In the dream I’m going down on her but wake up licking my bite guard.

3.4.12 – PCC car lot: can’t swing a smudge stick w/o hitting a prius.

3.6.12 – Hackers from Anonymous arrested – will they get to check email?

3.15.12 – Will promoting literary arts: “I’ll spam the fuck out of you.”

3.16.12 – Nurse Anita predicts: “A miracle of cervical ripening.”

3.17.12 – Under the c-section table her urine, he says: “Looks like pilsner.”

3.23.12 – Rags once used for mopping up semen now perfect for baby urp.

3.26.12 – Sam Hamill tells Mark: “You want to talk poetry, you better have a putter.”

3.26.12 – Alice Derry: “Surrendering salami to the yellow jackets.”

4.2.12 – Sitting outside on 15th – every woman is beautiful in Spring.

4.5.12 – Shift change: rock the baby, whistle lullaby, see my face in her eyes.

4.8.12 – “Genuflecting to my ice tea feels particularly spiritual now.” (Eileen Myles on Easter Sunday)

4.16.12 – Not likely to use the horn after latihan, but I still speed home.

4.17.12 – Why pick up after your dog if you just throw the shit bag on the lawn?

4.18.12 – “Employees must carve Slayer into forearms before returning to work.” (At Vermillion.)

4.20.12 – Keith Jarrett’s rapturous vocalizations or backseat baby Ella?

4.21.12 – Fuck you too slow driver – I’m going to do my spiritual practice!

4.21.12 – 27 M’s up, 27 down – Humber’s Safeco Perfecto.

4.23.12 – Rancid Egg opening up for Spastic Eyebrow at the Fukodome.

4.27.12 – Only Seattle: “Daily cyber deal – milk steaming latté art class.”