Rudy Ryser, The Center for World Indigenous Studies

November 22, 2012

Rudy Ryser

On this Thanksgiving Day 2012, as I continue to digitize the SPLAB audio interview archives, I feel it fitting to present Dr. Rudy Ryser, Chair of the Center for World Indigenous Studies in Olympia, Washington. While I resonated quite deeply with the message Dr. Ryser provided, I must admit that his views on the program cost me one of the best affiliates we ever had and created a difficult time for me. Below see the original program summary and links to the interview with Dr. Ryser and remember the high price paid by indigenous people throughout this hemisphere on this traditional day of gratitude.

Indigenous Culture and What Underlies the War on Terror
Guest: Rudolph Ryser, Ph.D.
Summary: Dr. Rudy Ryser is the Co-Founder and Chair of the Center for World Indigenous Studies. From his perspective as an indigenous man, he discussed the Center, its history and mission and how the American health care system (and the ignorance of one’s own culture) is a symptom for the need to dominate that underlies root problems with the health of Americans. Also discussed (in Part 2) was the American “War on Terror” and how, from an indigenous perspective is a war on the right of indigenous peoples and their self-determination and how resistance to U.S. Government dominance continues with Native Northwest peoples.

Aired January 2004 as the half hour Focus program.

Promo 1 (:30)
Part 1 (14:41)
Part 2 (15:19)

Promo 2 (:30 )
Part 3 (15:42)
Part 4 (15:37)


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