Voluntary Simplicity – Cecile Andrews

December 26, 2012
Cecile Andrews

Cecile Andrews

Cecile Andrews, former columnist for the Seattle Times and expert on Voluntary Simplicity is author of: The Circle of Simplicity: Return to the Good Life.  She discussed the concept of Voluntary Simplicity, the complicated and unrewarding nature of the modern American lifestyle and the need to simplify. She also offered some tips on how to simplify one’s life.

Airdate: March 2, 1997

Intro: (1:43)
Part 1 (15:25)
Part 2 (14:33)
Part 3 (15:50)

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  1. kjmiller

    Enjoyed this very much. With 39 years in public schools, I do not accept the blanket slagging, in fact, charter schools have been a lovely vehicle for ‘corporations’ to ease their way into the public schools. Corporations love the bashing of the public schools, it feeds them. Who better to tell us how to run the public schools than Mr. Gates? Ah, we bow again to money.

  2. Splabman

    Or to the possibility of choice. It would be nice to have one regarding the education of my daughter. Without money, change is much slower in our casino capitalist culture, Kevin. & this was recorded in 1997, YEARS before Mr. Gates was funding Charter School efforts. 1997.


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