Elegy for Brian Love

July 6, 2013

Sunset the Night Doc Died

An elegy for my friend Brian Love, who helped run SPLAB in Auburn 1997-2004, helped me with my syndicated public affairs radio show and was killed by a drunk driver on the morning of July 5, 2013.

Elegy for Brian Love 1

Elegy for Brian Love 2

Elegy for Brian Love 3

Brian Love's Hat


  1. Bonnie Hertlein-Swetman

    I am sorry for your loss of a good friend Paul!
    RIP dear Brian, I will never forget the tears of laughter you kept me in throughout Junior High School

    • Splabman

      It is so sad, Bonnie. Brian was really there for me in those early years at SPLAB.

      • Natalie Petersen Smith

        Paul could you send me the picture in a jpeg format by chance

  2. Edward

    I still remember him serving all you can eat spaghetti. Hell of a way to go.
    Thanks for the Elegy, Paul.


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