Joe Chiveney and Cathy Visser

April 6, 2014
Mer, Paul, Cathy and Joe

Mer, Paul, Cathy and Joe

The SPLAB Board President, Joe Chiveney, has been an incredible asset since joining SPLAB a few years ago. I joke that non-profits should have counselors on their boards, because they are used to dysfunction. HA! Having Joe tell me when I am the crazy one and when I am not is not only good for business, but good for my mental health. (I’m usually not.)

Well, he got married yesterday to Cathy Visser and I could not be happier for them both. Mer, Ella and I attended their wedding and it was a wonderful affair with very sweet people, great food and a fine setting in downtown Olympia at a yoga studio with beautiful wooden floors. Ella had a gas hanging with one other two year old. Joe and Cathy are helping us feed our headliner poets at the upcoming Cascadia Poetry Festival and there have been nothing but rave reviews for her cooking. Below see the epithalamium I wrote for their sacred day. Many blessings Joe and Cathy and thanks for your support for all my work.

For Joe C & Cathy V on the Occasion of their Wedding


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