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Paul Constant on Cascadia

Paul Constant on Cascadia

So the Cascadia Poetry Fest articles and blog posts are now popping, see Paul Constant in the Stranger with an article on bioregional poetry with this quote:

It’s important that poetry is embracing the idea of Cascadia because poetry is at the forefront of literature: It embraces and exhausts trends faster than prose, it allows for more experimentation, and poetry’s exquisite little bursts of passion are perfect for the beginning of a movement, when everything feels new and alive. The Cascadia Poetry Festival is probably paving the way for a larger and broader-aiming Cascadia Book Festival 10 years down the line, when the idea has a little more definition and when some of the harder edges have been shaved down. But this is where everything gets hashed out, where the poets drink and fuck and fight about Cascadia, and what Cascadia means, and whether Cascadia is even worth the trouble.

& Graham Isaac on the late night festival programming and notions about the dialogue here:

& I am off to take Joanne Kyger to Open Books, but wanted this to get out to the list in the morning. Yep, Cascadia 2 happens today and the Festival Program has my thanks in it, so please attend, read the program and engage in a dialogue. Cascadia I in 2012 was a start, a baby step. We seem to be off on a slow jog now and this could be a sprint by Cascadia III next year in Nanaimo. Thanks for being part of the dialogue.