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Dan Blunck and the Existential Trio (Steve Bentley, Ariel Calabria)

Rhythm & Rye

Rhythm & Rye

I met Dick Metcalf last night at Rhythm & Rye in Olympia, WA, before the gig I did with Dan Blunck’s Existential Trio, featuring Steve Bentley and Ariel Calabria. He wrote a kind review that you can read here:

One excerpt: “When a poet takes the stage, you know (right away), that they (either) “have it”, or “don’t”. Paul’s clearly got the presence, & has the audience eating out of his hand in only moments…”

Thanks Dick.

My hand-held recorder crapped out and I did NOT record it! ARGH! So good to be back on the stage with Dan Blunck again. He is a world-class musician.