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Danika Dale DinsmoreA happy birthday today to SPLAB Co-Founder Danika Dale Dinsmore, who co-founded the SPLAB project with me in 1997 (not to be confused with the organization that now uses SPLAB as its name.) In her honor I went to an anagram-generator to find ideas for this Present Beau:

Danika Dale Dinsmore

Hail ddd on this here day, you,
A Slinkier Om Addenda,
you A Adenoidal Nerd Skim,
you A Damasked Diner Lion,
you A Dole Skin Marinaded.

Happy happy day to:
A Radialised Den Monk,
A Snorkled Mania Did,
A Admiral Dosed Ken In,
A Dreamland Side Oink.

Best of this solar return to you:
A Sad Rekindled Amino,
Dreamlike Soda Inn Ad,
Mandrake Dined A Silo,
A Adrenal Dike’s Din Om,
A Animalised Den Dork.
A Alderman Sided Ikon,
A Mainland Sordid Eek.

A multiverse of blessings, to you, you:
A Adenoidal Kinder Ms,
A Adrenaline Odd Skim,
A Mainland Odd Eek Sir,
A Admiral Dined Ken So.
A Dadaism Inked Loner.


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