First Quarter 2015 American Sentences

April 1, 2015

1st Q 2015 American Sentences Wordcloud 2I started to harvest my American Sentences after filling up my latest pocket journal and by the time I finished that harvest, I was halfway done with another pocket journal. So goes the writing time these days, but I DID finish and give you a sample of these seventeen syllable poems and one bit of news: A book of these poems is to be published this summer by Apprentice House, which published my first poetry book A Time Before Slaughter. I’ll let you know the release date as soon as I find out.

1.31.15 – 3-legged cat’s attempted jabs fall short the length of one phantom limb.

2.4.15 – I’d hook her up with the Chalk Boy, but no spoonerisms of Bok Choi.

2.4.15 – Joe on Whole Foods: “You have to take an escalator to buy an apple.”

2.5.15 – He claimed he could not have abused them because he’d been cleaning his wig. (Paul Gadd, aka: Gary Glitter)

2.6.15 – How many worm obituaries have ended with the word “sidewalk.”

2.10.15 – Pigeons circle Lakewood Community Church, avoid ceramic owl.

2.15.15 – Spend all day birdwatching, venerate snow geese, swans, eat turkey dinner.

2.21.15 – Poor ant crawling on the toilet seat, DIE! in a bowl full of urine!

3.3.15 – She calls herself “Julia Greenway” – to us she’s “Iguana Jewelry.”

3.11.15 – This guy needs a new transmission and I’m not talking about his car.

3.14.15 – The fatter the leg the bigger canvas for a Japanese tattoo.

3.23.15 – On Facebook thread about critical discourse he puts a frowny face.

3.26.15 – Burn all art that was not created by a queer Buddha of Color!

3.26.15 – They drain Lake Tapps, find beer cans, a tire, a Sammy Hagar cassette.

3.27.15 – Could be Brenda Hillman or In Man Bard Hell, never Hi Mr. Anal Blend.

3.28.15 – I asked Allison Cobb is she would name her baby girl Cornanda.

3.29.15 – Why bat excrement as measure of someone’s relative sanity.

3.31.15 – Some put a fish in their window (Christians) – Sam has a saké bottle.


  1. -/:}>

    always excellent,

    Up A 17 Troll
    Lets Turn A Envelope
    Rot A Level Tense Pun
    Pen Lust Enter A Love
    Never Spell A Toe Nut
    Venereal Pole Stunt
    Noun Platelet Verse
    Relevant Pulse Note
    Stellar Uneven Poet
    Poet Tale Revels Nun


    Recyclable Green Emu

    Creamery Bungee Cell

  2. Splabman

    I have been burdened with Venereal Pole Stunt for quite a while, but at least I got some fun out of the deal.


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