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(Not for smoking)

(Not for smoking)

Maybe it’s my Virgo nature that allows me to enjoy vicariously the lives of people whose work I admire but whose lifestyles have aspects I would not care to replicate. I would not say the phrase “Health Nut” is accurate, given my penchant for chorizo and saké, but I can throw down a handful of bee pollen like nobody’s business and, yes, I do grow kale.

So Frank Zappa would be one hero, although his womanizing got the best of him via prostate cancer. Google Tobacco is My Favorite and the word “vegetable” appears without having to type it. The phrase came from a famous interview Zappa gave near the end of his life:

So when I look back at my American Sentences over the last three weeks and choose one to write about with a little more background, I am brought back to a memory of another smoker whose work I admire, and whose last name shall not be disclosed, but is the source of the inspiration here.

4.2.15 – “Kale’s not food” says Sam, whose breakfast was pastry, coffee and a smoke.