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July 23, 2015

I am running this comment (from this post) as a post on its own just to take time to appreciate the sentiment. It looks like the fest this year will have less than half the participants, but if the poems are better and the participation more consistent, it will have been well worth the effort. I did expect some griping that we were going to charge a fee, but did not expect some of the questions I got (as illustrated by that post.) So, thank you Bridget! I am delighted to read your comment.

Dearest Paul,

I would imagine that all of us who have participated for numerous years now would agree – there is no way to put a price on what you do in regards to the FEST. Not only have I learned so much from you, and from the yearly participants, I have learned a great deal about myself in the process. In addition, I have been blessed by the numerous friends that have appeared throughout this journey! How can anyone put a price on that!

All that aside, the number of people who have signed up the last few years, intending to follow through on the commitment, has exploded, while actual ‘follow through’ has dwindled. And, the managing of the lists – mine has changed now at least four times. You are AMAZING! You’ve never complained. I’m not sure I could be as patient!

I am thankful that nine (?) years ago you and Lana took a leap in faith and started the FEST. The benefits have been priceless!



Two of the cards I’ve sent to Bridget over the years:

408. to Bridget Nutting, Vancouer, WA  – Mind's Folktales




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