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I am thinking of it as the most important anthology of political poetry since Sam Hamill’s “Poets Against The War.” Resist Much Obey Little: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance” is a 738 page virtual molotov cocktail aimed at El Caudillo Analfabetico, 45, SCROTUS, Agent Orange Hair, you name it and the forces that would support his pathologically narcissist, short-sighted and hate-fueled agenda.

To say I am delighted to be represented here is putting it mildly. The company is illustrious, for one. But the book is VERY well done, from the brilliant introduction, to the poets represented, to the poems in it, from what I have seen browsing the pdf that I got as a contributor this week.





As I prepare for #TheIdesofTrump on March 15 and ready my massive postcard stash, as I continue to work on at least TWO poetry festivals in 2017 that celebrate place, not from the notion of nation states, but from the notion of bioregionalism, which prioritizes the needs of the place OVER nationalistic considerations (in Tacoma and Cumberland, BC), as I continue to monitor and support the efforts to “Trump-proof” Seattle, it is good to have material like the one in this book and it is good to see what resistance looks like to some of the best poets practicing at this time. The connections of the editors are extensive and selective and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.