Paul Nelson by Philip Brautigam

Prostate Cancer Update

September 2, 2020

I was asked by my local spiritual community, Subud Greater Seattle, for an update on my treatment for prostate cancer. An excerpt:

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on February 17, 2020 and had highly-targeted radiation treatment in Late June and early July and I am recovering. Along the way I had the Subud community helping me test treatment options, letting me know this form of cancer is quite survivable, helping me with my attitude and I had sisters and brothers praying for me…

You can read more here: and can see, in part, how I use Facebook and POPO as ways to communicate and better understand my own life. Thanks for your good thoughts. I feel great and am just back from backpacking with Bhakti Watts in the Dosewallips River watershed in Olympic National Park:


  1. dc laterre

    this is a For Real Journey to say the least! thanks for posting. i always seek out Alternative Therapies for my MI probbies; though this year is proving to be a … an inconvenience

  2. flaneur2017

    may you (dose) wallip/whallop that evil C….! cheers bro

  3. Ed Varney

    Looks like your camping trip/hike was a great experience actually getting into the Cascade ecosystem. Best wishes with the cancer problem, seems to affect so many of us. Could it be environmental or just a factor including in getting older?

  4. Leslie Fried

    Hi Paul,
    Wishing you continuing recovery and peace.
    Leslie Fried

    • Splabman

      Bless you Leslie. It has been a long time. I trust you are well, Paul


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