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The organizing topic for the next workshop I will facilitate comes from a notion of Robin Blaser’s about serial form being a: “Sequence of Energies.” In this workshop we take the methods and the organismic stance toward poetics (& life) covered in two previous workshops — Poetics as Cosmology and (Seriality: (A Workshop — and continue to investigate how to deepen one’s own work and life through spontaneous writing, honing the intuition, exercising the imagination & working serially with a “saturation job” (Olson) or a “multi-decade research project” (Ed Sanders). In four weeks we’ll investigate several approaches toward, or sympathetic to serial form, read essays, read and write poems, engage in discussion and have related outside-of-class activities suggested to deepen one’s relation to this stance.

Participation in the previous two workshops not necessary for participation in ASoE but reading the material and doing the exercises is recommended. Registration:

Private, thirty minute one-on-one sessions are available for $30.