Last Year’s Pandemic Postcard (Not Yet)

April 5, 2021

My practice each morning includes reading the journal entry from the same day of the previous year. For instance, today I read Monday, April 6, 2020. It was Day 24 of the Shelter-in-Place recommendation and I was already showing off designed masks:

Thanks Buffy!

Now that everyone here at Casa del Colibrí is post-Moderna, we are breathing a little easier and can maybe laugh a little at how we responded to the lockdown near the beginning. Starting the Poetry Postcard Fest early was wise. The postcard poem below was written BEFORE I started making the card images AFTER writing the poem, so they had not yet hit their stride in terms of a more unified gesture, which helps when work is a little on the difficult side. I write that way not for the purposes of evasion or exclusion, but because I want to see what is at the core of my being and release that which is not free. That is my wish for all humans. Ashé.


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