Paul E Nelson at Kezira

Reading w/ Jim O’Halloran Trio

March 8, 2022

It was a remarkable experience reading my poems with the accompaniment of the Jim O’Halloran Trio on February 25, 2022 at Kezira Café. Jim’s a wonderful musician, bandleader and arranger. He consistently attracts quality players like D’Vonne Lewis on drums and Farko Dosumov on bass. That it was the first public reading of Haibun de la Serna made it all the more significant for me. A book that had a publisher withdraw 6 years ago and then got picked up by Koon Woon’s Goldfish Press. I am keeping a list of gigs updated here. I am scheduled to gig again with Jim’s trio Friday, March 25 from 6-9.

Here are videos thanks to Greg Bem and Egan Kolb:

A shorter video clip from Egan Kolb is here.

On Tuesday, March 15 at 7pm I will be a part of a reading for Ukraine curated by Lyn Coffin and Leopoldo Seguel:

3.15.2022 Ukraine Reading Poster


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