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I am delighted to be part of the Rainier Beach Arts & Crafts Market, December 3, from 11am to 3pm, at the Rainier Beach Community Club, 6038 S. Pilgrim Street. Bhakti and I have lived here in Casa Del Colibrí since July 2017 and we love this neighborhood. We attended the annual market perhaps as early as December 2017 and I was impressed by the quality of work and the sense of community. We had the Covid lockdown time not long after that and this year it is back to the room where I first experienced it and I am a part. Feel free to download this little flyer and stop by on the 3rd.

Along with as many of my current books that I have extra copies of, I’ll be debuting my new chapbook, The Day Song of Casa del Colibrí: Como Sacramentos. The book comes out of a workshop exercise that I created for participants in my online workshops. It was an all-day writing experiment, using a temporal restriction rather than a spatial one, as is the case with Poetry Postcards. That I had just finished writing 40 of those poems during the fest, I had material to go back to when inevitably my mind would get stuck for a moment. Plus, my poetry chops were pretty hot given the intensity of the fest. Also, experiencing the death of my Subud Brother Evan Padilla was also a factor in the poem, as he was a mentor to me and I miss him tremendously.