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I have finished creating podcasts with my two interviews conducted in October 2019 with the former Nun and poet Mary Norbert Körte. She died on November 14 at age 88 at her home near Willits, California. My original post with Mary is here.The two interviews can be heard as podcasts:

An unintentional American Sentence uttered spontaneously by Mary is here:

A reading of her poem “Call the Doc.”

A reading of her poem “The Cult of Firewood.”

And a video of her reading her poem “Lares et Penates is here:

The text of the poem:

This is important, as I borrowed heavily the day I heard about her passing for this poem which I recorded in my pajamas since Mary was relaxed enough to allow me to record her in HER pajamas when I visited:

This won’t be the last poem inspired by Mary. Though I only saw her for those few days in October 2019, I am so grateful that I was able to have the chance to interview her. I think she’s the kind of poet whose reputation only grows after her death and she deserves it. She operated with true humility, was a pioneer off the grid, a Redwood protector, friend to local indigenous people and had a remarkable foundation for her inner life. She will be missed dearly.