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I am delighted to present an interview about the art book Heavy Lifting, a collaboration by Felicia Rice of Moving Parts Press and the poet Theresa Whitehill. Recorded Friday, March 25, 2023, via Zoom about how the project came together, what it means to create stunning works of art that are also books and how we engage the realities of the anthropocene. This is an incredibly important fact given that Felicia’s home and studio was totally destroyed by a wildfire that has become the new normal in the California summer. Theresa Whitehill’s poetry works seamlessly with Felicia’s design in a book that is like few others every created. For book nerds, this is nirvana and we get inside of the whole project via the video version of this Cascadian Prophets interview.

Theresa WhitehillNote that Theresa Whitehill will be part of a talk on Saturday, October 7, 2023 at the 7th Cascadia Poetry Festival with Robert Bringhurst entitled Bioregional Typography.


Bioregional Typography

Robert Bringhurst and Theresa Whitehill

Clearcutting of languages and cultures has been widespread in Cascadia, just like the clearcutting of forests. Even so, this remains a rich and highly varied landscape, geologically, biologically, and linguistically. Cascadian Zen: Bioregional Writings on Cascadia Here and Now is an anthology of pieces written and spoken in English, but many languages and writing systems are present in the text – mostly as placenames, personal names, references, and quotations.