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It has been a magical 10 week ride so far, examining Brenda Hillman’s new book In a Few Minutes Before Later. In the last five week workshop we’ll look at the last third of the book, examine sympathetic course materials and do writing exercises based on Brenda’s work. Two of the writing exercises devised so far would be excellent methods for the Poetry Postcard Fest which starts in about ten weeks!


What: The End of a Few Minutes Before Later workshop
When: Five Thursdays, 4-6pm PDT
Where: Paul E Nelson’s Zoom Room
Why: Brenda Hillman is one of the most inventive poets of our time and is operating at the top of her game. The past workshops have featured interviews with Brenda, sympathetic course materials (which would be made available to anyone just joining) and also featured a visit by Brenda herself.

The course has generated a couple of wonderful testimonials, including:

What timely alchemy is this? Poetics as Cosmology with readings from Brenda Hillman’s In a Few Minutes Before Later got me writing again. For five weeks, I’ve been breathing in from an open field and exhaling without the usual constrictions of thought and form. Paul Nelson throws the raw materials in a pot: a group of new and seasoned writers, all things organic and serial, and then stirs in various prompts and excitements. There’s a whole lot of heart, mind, and soul scholarship on offer here. Paul is the real deal.

– Lorin Medley
Comox, BC
Feb, 2023

This will be the last five week workshop before the postcard fest (there may be a one day workshop for the fest itself) and would help any poet prepare for those 56 Days of August. Come fall we will be reducing our workshop offerings to one five week workshop per season with the summer “workshop” being the self-guided postcard fest. Won’t you join us on Thursday nights? If money is tight, let me know as we are always open to scholarships to sincere folks who are experiencing financial difficulties.