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My annual appearance at Bradner Gardens with the Jim O’Halloran group is happening August 12, 2023 at 6pm and Lorna Dee Cervantes has been a late addition to the bill. The garden is a jewel of the Seattle P-Patch program, though still not recovered from an arson during the pandemic. Still, Jim’s band is inventive and exists in a post-bop, post-fusion Jazz universe which makes for a beautiful evening of music and poetry. I will be reading from the FLEXIBLE MIND series and some of those poems will be published in Cascadian Zen this October to be launched at the 7th Cascadia Poetry Festival. I will have a galley available for your perusal at Bradner. Please consider bringing a picnic and joining the band, Lorna, Greg Bem and I for a memorable evening in the garden in this gorgeous summer of ’23. Saturday, August 12, 6-8pm at 1730 Bradner Pl S, Seattle, WA 98144.