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I am delighted to be part of a poetry reading as part of The 14th Annual Meeting of the
Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition
at Seattle University. The reading will be Friday, September 8 at Pigott 101, which is essentially at 12th & Marion:

Moderator: Jason M. Wirth (Seattle University)

Pigott Building

(Pigott Building)

John Olson, Claudia Castro Luna and Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs are the poets with whom I am reading and they are three of my favorite Seattle poets of all time.

The organizing theme of the conference is Home and Homeless and I am likely to read poems about the home I share on the edge of Lake Washington with Bhakti Watts that I refer to as Casa del Colibrí. Having just finished writing about 40 postcard poems from my desk overlooking the lake, I am likely to dip into those poems, but may also read from my Day Song of Casa del Colibrí which was written on Sept 1, 2022 and was my first attempt at the Day Song (temporal restriction/vision quest) or Canto Diurno as Pierre Joris called his version.

As I write from Chicago, I have to disclose that when you ask a Chicago native where they are from, they will always say Chicago, though I left here in 1984. I do feel that I am Cascadian now, and of course any bioregionalist worth their salt knows one must “stay put & watch what happens” as Gary Snyder put it. So it is with this background I will present. & I will be cutting my latest attempt at the Day Song short as Sept 8, 2023 is the day I’d planned for months to set aside for this task. That it will end in such an inspiring session with some of the brightest and capable people I know is icing on the cake. I hope you can join us Friday, September 8, 2023 at 5pm at Pigott 101 on the campus of Seattle U.

Personal news, my Mom is battling cancer here in Chicago, but her spirit is strong and she’s tough as hell. Your good juju aimed her way is appreciated. The short version of her name is Lesbia Nelson and I am not ready to see her off into the next realm just yet.

I turn 62 on Friday, Sept 22 and I’m planning a potluck/BYO at 6pm in Rainier Beach. Ping me if you would like to attend. That I’ve had three friends die in the last year at age 62 is a little unnerving, but seeing you on the 8th or 22nd would be sweet. Abrazos, Paul