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Poetry Bridge is celebrating 14 years of community mic readings at C&P Coffee Company in West Seattle on Wednesday, February 14, 2024. 6:30 it’s time for pie and signups. 7pm a reading that will feature Michael Hickey, Alexander Smith and Your Humble Narrator. Details:

14 Year Anniversary Celebration
C&P Coffee Company
5612 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA

We will be celebrating completing 14 years of PoetryBridge on February 14th at C&P Coffee starting at 6:30 PM (PST). We will celebrate with homemade pies (for poets) and scones (for storytellers) although everyone is welcome to eat pie. Pie eating commences at 6:30 followed by the reading at 7. Our featured readers will be Michael Hickey, Paul E Nelson, and Alexander Smith followed by Community Mic. More info on our featured readers in a later email. It’s Valentine’s Day so some folks have vowed to include some Valentine themed missives, although that is not a requirement.

Leopoldo Seguel is a welcoming presence and the main man behind this series. C&P Coffee Company is a wonderful community institution. While many poetry venues are closing or kicking out the poets, C&P continues to welcome this reading once a month.


Cascadian Prophets Interviews 1999-2023

Cascadian Prophets Interviews 1999-2023 (Cover by Roberta Hoffman)

What to read at such an event? I have two books out recently: Cascadian Zen Volume I: Bioregional Writings on Cascadia Here and Now and Cascadian Prophets: Interviews 1999-2023. Both are on the epic side of the literary spectrum. (Arundel Books at First & Jackson is the most avid retail supporter along with Elliott Bay Books.) So, I’ll at least mention those books. You might have heard me talking about a daylong writing ritual we call the “DaySong.” I have a chapbook of a poem written in one day, September 8, 2023, coming out via Greg Bem’s Carbonation Press in Spokane next month and I have written another DaySong on Imbolc Eve last week, but I’ve not timed the reading of it to see if it falls within the new parameters of the Poetry Bridge format.

I hope to see you Wednesday in West Seattle.