85. Soul’s Same Ol’ (Over n Over)

May 2, 2013
Walter Davis Jr.

Walter Davis Jr.

It doesn’t take much exposure to the work of Nate Mackey to propel me into my own poetic orbit. Perhaps as a gesture for the successful publication of an interview we did last summer, he sent a copy of his new chapbook Anuncio’s Last Love Song, published by Three Count Pour. (I plan to review the book soon.) Mackey’s rhythms, his verbal stutter-step, get into my own bones and off I go. Add Walter Davis Jr. and some cosmology from my own spiritual practice and community (Subud) and a reflection on my life as a new Dad at 51 dancing with Baby Ella and there you have it. Haibun #85 in a series of 99.

(Hear the poem by clicking here.)

85. Soul's Same Ol' (Over n Over)

(Click on image to download complete pdf)


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