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September 29, 2013


Am preparing for my first featured reading in a while, Tuesday night, October 1 at 7pm at the Duvall Visitors Center, 15619 Main Street, Duvall, WA. (See this site.) I am to read for 25-30 minutes and, rather than structure the whole reading, I am going to try to construct it in the moment, measuring the vibe in the room and acting accordingly. I hope to see you. I will bring some haibun chapbooks for sale.

I did prepare this cheat sheet on my writing projects, all of which are current if you see Pig War as the extension of Slaughter:

A Time Before Slaughter – a serial poem which re-enacts the history of Auburn, Washington, a town founded as Slaughter in honor of a Lieutenant William Alloway Slaughter.

American Sentences – 17 syllable poems that capture the shadow of the moment. A form created by Allen Ginsberg to adapt the haiku for American use without the formal constraints except for the syllable count.

American Prophets – transcribed audio interviews with poets, authors and activists. Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Michael McClure, Sam Hamill, Rupert Shedrake, Diane diPrima, Eileen Myles, Jerome Rothenberg, Brenda Hillman, Nathaniel Mackey, Jean Houston and others.

Haibun de la Serna – A Japanese prose poem form with haiku done in neo-barroco manner after José Kozer and José Lezama Lima. There are to be 99 total.

The Four Hoarse Men is a sound poetry troupe, a collaboration with Joe Chiveney, Jason Conger and Greg Bem. They last performed at the 12th Ginsberg Marathon, June 2, 2013.

August Poetry Postcard Fest – An annual exercise in community and spontaneous writing. One writes spontaneously on a postcard to another participating poet on a list each day in the month of August.

Organic Poetry – Essays which outline the evolution of spontaneous writing in the mode of Charles Olson, Denise Levertov, Robert Duncan, Michael McClure, Robin Blaser and others.

Cascadia – the name for our bioregion and the cultural investigation which is, in part, carried out through the Cascadia Poetry Festival, to happen for the 2nd time next May 2-4 at Seattle U. (Organic in Cascadia: A Sequence of Energies.)

Pig War & Other Songs of Cascadia – the extension of Slaughter, serial poem of that event in Cascadia history and other events indicative of the culture and geography of this part of the world.


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