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Greg Bem

Greg Bem

Ever since Greg Bem arrived in Seattle from Philadelphia he has been a literary dynamo, presenting and participating in events that are rich in imagination, well-conceived and have added depth to the often uninspired events that pass for literary art happenings around here. His co-creation of the multi-media Breadline reading series, the Silence & Communications homage to John Cage, his participation in the Sound Poetry group (to which I belong) the Four Hoarse Men and many other projects.

His most ambitious to date is also a sort-of farewell, as he again heads to Cambodia for several months the next day. I will again participate in his latest offering, Duwamish Revealed, and celebrating this once holy and now struggling river is very important to me. I hope to see you there.

You are invited to Tukwila Revealed, a free Duwamish Revealed event on June 21, 2015–the Summer Solstice

Tukwila Revealed is an epic exploratory walk along the southern reaches of the Duwamish, centered on the Allentown neighborhood of Tukwila. As part of 2015’s Duwamish Revealed, this event aims to approach the presence of the river in Tukwila and beyond. Through art, science, and historical inquiry, Tukwila Revealed aims to explore ecological, social, developmental, and literary elements of the Duwamish River. This event, held on the 2015 Summer Solstice, is open to all. Interspersed with performance, storytelling and art-making, this event is truly multidisciplinary. Stay for the entire duration or join in at any point along the route. No RSVP required!

Date: Sunday, June 21, 2015
Time: 2pm10:30pm
Locations: Centered on the Duwamish River in Allentown, Tukwila. A physical map will be provided to attendees the day of the event. See route outline below for more information on the specific locations.

Refreshments: Attendees are encouraged to bring their own food and beverages for the trek. Limited beverages will be available at the Duwamish Hill. Beverages and finger food will be served at the final location for the final portion of the event. Attendees are encouraged to contribute to the potluck at the end of the event.

Featuring performances, presentations, and installed creations by Brooke Alford, Ambrosia Bartośekulva, Anne Bean, Greg Bem, Natasha Marin, Emiliana Chavez, The City Meditation Crew, Amber Cortes and Jennifer Campbell, Bryan Edenfield, Roger Fernandes, Micah Freeman, Dakota Gearhart, The Guild of Chaotic Cartographers (Vanessa DeWolf, Christin Call, and Lydia Swartz), Hailey Higdon, Tanya Holtland, Chelsea Kurnick, Rich Lehl, Molly Mac, Robert McClure and Paul Joseph Brown of Investigate West, Paul Nelson, Doug Nufer, Devin O’Reilly, RE DRUM and the Whale (Alex Bleecker, Willie James & Jeremy Springsteed), Vasant and Sarah Samudre, Carl and Bridget Stixrood, Shae Savoy, Syd Shera, and Kristen Millares Young. See artist bios and project descriptions below for more information.

The epic route and epic schedule

Featured presenter/performer activity will take place during the general time slots listed below. The event has been designed to be a “linear walk,” though attendees are not required to participate in the entirety of the event. Physical maps will be available at the active site, with historical four-tone editions available for purchase at the end of the event. The entire route can be walked. The Duwamish Hill does not have guaranteed access for handicapped/disabled. One restroom (a porta potty) is available at the Duwamish Hill Preserve. Free street parking is available within 50 meters of each site. To see the overall Neighborhood, view this Google map. Individual locations linked below.

  1. Pedestrian Bridge (42nd Ave) (2-245pm): Micah Freeman; Tanya Holtland; RE DRUM & The Whale; Shae Savoy
  2. Green River Trail Stretch (from 119th St to Codiga Bridge) (3-330pm): Guild of Chaotic Cartographers
  3. Beneath Codiga Bridge (E Marginal Way) (330-4pm): Greg Bem & Natasha Marin; RE DRUM & The Whale; Shae Savoy
  4. Duwamish Gardens/Carosino Houses (E Marginal Way) (415-445pm): Greg Bem & Natasha Marin; Bryan Edenfield; Amber Cortes & Jenn Campbell
  5. Duwamish Riverside (S 115th St) (5-530pm): Greg Bem & Natasha Marin; Bryan Edenfield; Shae Savoy
  6. Duwamish Hill Preserve (S 115th St) (545-730pm): City Meditation Crew; Paul Nelson; Doug Nufer; Roger Fernandes; Kristen Young; Devin O’Reilly; Syd Shera
  7. Allentown Home (47th Ave S) (8-1030): Robert McClure & Paul Joseph Brown; Emiliana Chavez; Sarah & Vasant Samudre; RE DRUM & The Whale; Dakota Gearhart; Bridget Stixrood & Carl Stixrood; Molly Mac

Various Locations & Ephemera: Ambrosia Bartośekulva; Chelsea Kurnick; Hailey Higdon; Anne Bean 

Locations Note: Locations of performances subject to change day-of dependent on weather and logistics. Call organizer Greg Bem at 207-233-1336 the day of the event if you are lost or have questions about the schedule.

Learn more

See attached fliers for more information on Duwamish Revealed.

For all inquiries, email lead organizer of Tukwila Revealed, Greg Bem, at

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