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Over the past ten+ years my friend the poet and librarian Greg Bem has created some of the most inventive poetry gatherings I have ever experienced. One that involved divination and chance procedures. Several that have happened in public places with passers-by hanging around for a minute or two. One that involved a man asking people to put paint on him so he could scrape it off onto a large piece of paper to create a painting. Usually they are multimedia affairs. Often they are on potent days of the year as is his next event to which he has invited me to participate. Details:

Solstice Reading 2022




And what an amazing place the Witt Winter Garden is! I interviewed plant wizard Jim Demetre there years ago and made annual pilgrimages to the garden in late winter and took big whiffs of the Witch Hazel.

For the 2022 Winter Solstice event I plan to read a solstice poem or two and maybe a few things from my current series FLEXIBLE MIND. I am honored to read at one of Greg’s events again and with such excellent company. Would you consider attending?