Qinghai Sunflowers

Cats eat the rat of time.
– Ramón Gomez de la Serna

But the cat passes on the lychee nuts, can’t scratch ‘em open. Fascinated by Beijing dragonflies and triangular stacks of grain in Xining backyard gardens and sunflowers! Count the steps of the Qinghai sun much closer from 3K meters.


Aware or not, we’ve arrived In Search of the Absolutely Blind Encounter and know the ghosts will be repelled by blackness that it’s the stripes of our own mind we must repel or re-direct into their most natural shape. Morning Meat Package and a bracket fungus awaits. The husk of the sunflower seed she spits flies into the Qinghai wind.


Head to the gigantic salt lake, itself a sea to Tibetan people a 4,500 click large teal mirror eats the sky. I have a prayer flag vision etched into my memory and rocks that will forever remain sacred. She has a Tibetan Cowgirl hat and a stuffed Tibetan Mastiff and a museum mask scare the terror out of would-be evil-doers. Tourist photos riding well-groomed show yaks. Maybe a manifestation of the God of the Lake who would smile on a poetry wall who would comfort Lorca from beyond his nameless grave & again thank Guo Muruo for helping spread the peace wave of one Walt Whitman, one with all.

Learn to take a
toasted Qinghai watermelon seed
split it with yr teeth.

9:04A – 8.16.11
Tongren, China