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483. Iniciador

My poems written in Mexico in August are starting to arrive at their intended destinations and so I continue with the posting here. The last few lines from this poem are taken almost verbatim from a sign at Casa Azul, the home of Frida Kahlo, to which I made a...

482. Corset Warrior Armor

This is the first of my poems written in Mexico for the 2014 August Poetry Postcard Fest. For more details on all the postcard poems I wrote in 2014 see this page. This poem, like many in Mexico, was inspired by my visit to Casa Azul.

Frida’s House (fotos)

I am back now for two full days from my first Subud World Congress, which was staged in Puebla, Mexico, August 1-17. People are cutting me off in traffic, I notice how irritated I get when people are driving at 12 miles an hour in a 30 mph zone and I am quite attuned...

Un Poema para Frida Kahlo

I am experiencing my first Subud World Congress here in Puebla, Mexico, and it is stunning and miraculous. The intensity of the collected intention of 2,000 people who share an obscure (but powerful) method of positive self-change (latihan), who have assembled from at...